Support and services

Support and services

Kraftway is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and support. The company pays special attention to the availability of services to its customers regardless of their location. Its service network with over 260 outlets spreads across all Russian regions. For better manageability all service centers are connected to a single Service Desk.

Depending on the type of a product Kraftway warranty period varies from 1 to 5 years. If required the customers can extend the warranty period for their key IT systems. The company also offers a number of service packages, including on-site service for business users in all cities across Russia where service centers operate. Government and corporate customers can choose between standard, next business day or 24x7 service options. Additional services offered by Kraftway include HW/SW installation, IT consulting and IT outsourcing.

Starting from June 2009 Kraftway support team is available to its customers round the clock via a toll free telephone line. Kraftway also offered an array of simple and easy-to-use support tools and online resources to help customers. Kraftway service engineers and consultants are recognized by the company’s clients for their attention and professionalism. We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled levels of technical expertise and service.

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