Production facilities

Production facilities

In June 2007 in line with its continuous expansion plans Kraftway opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and warehousing complex worth over $20M. The Telecom Minister and the governor of Kaluga region attended the ceremony. Later, in October 2007, the first deputy prime minister Sergey Ivanov paid a visit to this first brand new IT factory built after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev visited the plant in April 2010 to hold a meeting of a Commission for Modernization and Technology Development of the Russian Economy.

Located only 100 km to the west of Moscow the plant has 3 automated production lines with a total yearly capacity of 1M units. Two conveyor belts are used for the production of PCs in fixed configurations and need one hour downtime to start the assembly of a new product. A hybrid assembly line, designed by Kraftway engineers, continuously moves the parts and assembled products past individual stationary workstations where each worker performs many different operations with the product. This approach gives Kraftway additional flexibility. The assembly line with a maximum output of 1000 PCs per standard 8 hour shift can simultaneously produce small batches of PCs in various configurations and no downtime is required for the introduction of a new product. Currently only 60% of available space is occupied by the assembly lines and a testing zone, therefore, if needed, the capacity of the factory can be easily expanded.

Kraftway has a computer aided manufacturing system in place. The company has integrated Syteline Advanced Planning and Scheduling module, Exceed Warehouse Management System and a number of proprietary manufacturing control systems.

Much of our success is due to our long-standing commitment to quality. The quality assurance department reporting directly to the operations director ensures that all products meet Kraftway’s high standards and satisfy customer requirements in a systematic, reliable way. Each worker bears personal responsibility for the quality of product he or she assembles. Each product undergoes a 4-hour stress testing in a special testing zone. QA’s specialists also test the incoming components, control the quality of the assembly and packaging and check products’ functionality.

Kraftway manufacturing unit employs 300 persons.

For government needs special security validation tests authorized by the Federal Security Service can also be performed on site in a special laboratory fully integrated in the manufacturing process which has been certified by the Federal Security Service and the Federal Technical & Export Control Service

The production facilities passed ISO 9001 certification.

In 2010 the company signed an agreement with a telecom giant Cisco establishing a special procedure for the certification of Cisco products in Obninsk manufacturing facilities. Kraftway ensures that Cisco products comply with the requirement of the Federal Technical and Export Control Service on information security. Such certified products can be used in systems processing sensitive or confidential information. In 2012 Kraftway launched the production of Fujitsu PCs with a trusted BIOS and all-in-one PCs based on the Russian processor Elbrus.

In 2013 the company invested $ 1,5 M to launch a state-of-the-art SMT line for the production of motherboards designed by Kraftway for special needs. The line's current capacity is 500 MBs per shift.

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