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At its core Kraftway is a company serving primarily the needs of large corporations and governmental organizations.

The Russia’s leading governmental institutions and corporations rely on Kraftway’s products and technologies to transform their business and improve operations. Kraftway’s expertise has brought to life a number of prominent integration projects. In 2008—2009 Kraftway developed and implemented a special solution for Moscow city security and utilities control system. IT monitoring and management system was installed on the premises of Moscow government. Kraftway technologies helped Moscow city police to reduce response time to criminal offences. Supercomputer datacenter for the Russian Federal Meteorological Service in St. Petersburg improved significantly the forecast reliability.

In 2008 Kraftway built a rendering HPC studio where Timur Bekmambetov, a Russian movie director, worked on visual effects for his Hollywood blockbuster Wanted. In 2012 the company developed, manufactured and delivered 25000 units for the president’s election video monitoring system.

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